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Our specialist services provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your existing insurance arrangements to ensure you enjoy the best the market has to offer.
Risk is inherent in the modern working environment – an unavoidable consequence of running a business in the 21st century. All organisations are forced to deal with various challenges and risks that threaten their performance, many of which they face on a daily basis.

While there are numerous methods that organisations can employ to protect themselves, many opt to utilise insurance as their primary means of managing risk.
Insurance can be a quick and conventional solution IF DONE PROPERLY. However, it can also be extremely risky, as a poorly structured insurance program is not only a waste of money, but it can also have disastrous consequences to a business.

Our services provide you with the peace of mind that:

Your insurance program provides adequate levels of protection in line with your specific activities and needs.
Your appointed insurance broker and/or insurance intermediary is truly acting as your advocate.
You maintain the broadest policy wordings and products available from insurers, free of any restrictive or onerous warranties or policy conditions.
You are not unwittingly paying hidden commissions or other forms of concealed fees to your broker and/or insurers.
You secure the most competitive premium rates available in the market from local and international insurers.


A detailed assessment of your Policy Wordings to ensure there are no hidden warranties or conditions that could leave you either under or uninsured.


An excellent solution for any organisation that is looking to test, challenge, benchmark, and/or critically analyse their insurance arrangements.


Find out how you stack up against the global competition. Are you paying too much? Are you sufficiently covered? Are your policies appropriate?

Tender Management Services

Many organisations are heavily reliant on the performance of their insurance broker and insurers. This is where The Lion Partnership can help.
It is important for organisations to test the adequacy of their insurance arrangements periodically, not only to ensure they have kept pace with developments in the market, but also to ensure they are adequate, cost effective and fit to meet their ongoing needs.

Critical to this is the performance of their appointed insurance broker, who many organisations trust implicitly to manage their insurance and risk management needs.

The decision to undertake a full review of your insurance arrangements should not be taken lightly. It requires careful consideration and planning, as a poorly managed review or tender process can not only be a waste of time and resources but, more worryingly, it can also damage your reputation in the market while leaving you with a deficient program.

Our unique tender review process captures a wide range of critical data - much of which is often overlooked by the average insurance buyer - to help you make a fully informed and educated decision on how best to manage your insurance needs.

Since the company was first established in late-2009 we have managed over 150 tender projects on behalf of organisations that were eager to test their insurance arrangements. This experience has enabled us to develop and refine a proven tender model that achieves the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

Why Run an Insurance Tender with Us?

It generates competitive tension in an open and transparent environment; thereby maximising your opportunities to secure the best possible financial outcomes.
It provides you with a full, independent audit of your insurance program from a select panel of qualified brokers taking part in the process; thereby helping to pinpoint any deficiencies or gaps in cover and/or identifying opportunities to improve the current arrangements.
It delivers enhanced levels of broker service and performance.
The process is 100% flexible so it can be tailored to meet your individual needs and/or core specifications.
It is an excellent corporate governance exercise that demonstrates to shareholders, board members and senior executives that proper due diligence has been carried out in managing the company's insurable risks.
We manage the entire process from start to finish, allowing your executives and senior management to focus on their core responsibilities.
We enjoy strong working relationships with leading brokers in the market – relationships that have developed over the past 10 years by virtue of our open and transparent approach. This enables us to generate strong interest from the market and provide you with real value-for-money.

Policy Wording Review

While there is no such thing as the perfect insurance policy, with careful evaluation of your needs and requirements for cover, it is possible to draft a policy that can fulfil your needs and stand you in good stead in the event that you should ever need to rely upon it.
While many companies share comparable exposures or risk profiles given the similarities of their operations, each company is different and therefore requires a more defined program that meets their own specific needs.

Our technical Policy Wording Review tests the effectiveness of your insurance policies by examining, in detail, the actual levels of coverage provided against your organisation’s specific risks; thereby guaranteeing the maximum performance of your insurance program. 

We also compare your policies against other similar wordings available in the market to identify broader and/or more appropriate coverage offered by alternative insurers.

Ultimately, our technical wording review helps to address the following critical questions:

Are your current insurance policies appropriate?
Do your policies contain any ambiguous policy language that could cause confusion around the extent of cover available in the event of a loss.
Are there any restrictive endorsements or warranties contained in the policy wording which could give rise to insurers repudiating a claim in the event of a loss?
Do your policies provide a broad scope of cover or contain restrictive policy conditions?
Are your wordings bespoke products tailored to meet your specific needs or merely standard “off-the shelf” insurer products that have been modified through a series of convoluted or unnecessary endorsements?.
Does your program effectively transfer all your insurable risks or are there unknown gaps that need to be closed and/or better managed?

Benchmarking Studies.

Gain an independent perspective about how well you perform compared to other companies.
For many organisations, knowing how their insurance programs perform in comparison to their peers can often be of great value, as it effectively shows you where you are and helps you decide where you want or need to go.

The objective of our Benchmarking Studies is to demonstrate how your existing program sits in comparison to other organisations of comparable size with similar business activities and subsequent insurance needs. 

The process focuses on the key components of your insurance program in terms of coverage and pricing and benchmarks them against similar businesses to allow you to fully evaluate and measure the performance of your own insurance program. 

This then enables you to better understand the adequacy of your program and make more informed decisions regarding your insurance and risk financing methods.
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