Introducing parametric insurance. Empowering companies to confront climate change risks head on.


As the impact of climate change continues to shape our world, companies are seeking alternative insurance options to tackle the rising costs of traditional policies and address the hazards brought about by major natural disasters.

These alternative options allow businesses to better manage their financial exposure, enhance their ability to recover from climate related events and promote long term sustainability in the face of evolving environmental challenges.

Understanding parametric insurance:

Parametric insurance sets itself apart from traditional insurance models by focusing on the probability of a predefined event occurring, such as an earthquake or a major cyclone, rather than indemnifying actual losses incurred. What makes it unique is that policyholders do not have to experience physical damage to receive a claim payout. The coverage is automatically triggered once the predefined event occurs, ensuring a prompt response. Parametric insurance policies are relatively new to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and their popularity is starting to rise for larger organisations with sizeable exposures to climate related risks and adverse weather patterns.

A real world example

Imagine a company with substantial property or assets located in a cyclone prone region. By opting for parametric insurance, they can establish a triggering event based on cyclone category size within a defined radius. The policy coverage is activated if a cyclone hits within the predetermined area. As the cyclone's wind speed intensifies, the amount eligible for a claim also increases. In other words, the more significant the event or category size, the larger the claim payout.

Flexibility and usage of claim proceeds

Parametric insurance empowers organisations to allocate claim proceeds according to their specific needs. Whether it's repairing damaged assets, offsetting revenue loss resulting from a cyclone, or covering additional expenditures, the flexibility of utilising claim funds ensures effective resource allocation in the aftermath of a disaster.

A streamlined claim settlement process

One of the significant advantages of parametric insurance lies in its efficient claim settlement process. Unlike traditional policies that often involve lengthy quantification and assessment procedures, parametric insurance payouts do not require such exhaustive evaluations. As long as the predefined event has been independently verified, the insured sum is automatically paid out, minimising funding delays. This streamlined approach enables organisations to access necessary funds swiftly, expediting their recovery efforts.

Critical considerations

While parametric insurance presents an innovative solution, it requires careful analysis and accurate structuring to ensure effectiveness. The policy will only respond and pay out for loss events explicitly defined in the policy, necessitating precise structuring to avoid scenarios where the predefined event occurs, but the cover is not triggered. Companies should consult experts to tailor parametric insurance policies to their specific risk exposure, mitigating potential drawbacks.

Parametric insurance for vulnerable industries

Parametric insurance is increasingly gaining traction among large organisations vulnerable to weather related events, supply chain disruptions and commodity price fluctuations. Industries such as construction, mining, renewables, energy, oil and gas, and agriculture recognise the value of parametric insurance as a strategic risk management tool. Embracing this innovative approach enables companies to protect their assets and enhance resilience in the face of climate related risks.

As climate change amplifies the frequency and severity of natural disasters, traditional insurance policies may no longer suffice. Parametric insurance emerges as a game-changer, offering proactive protection against climate-related risks. By leveraging predefined triggers, expedited claim settlements and tailored policy structures, companies can bolster their organisations' financial stability, mitigate losses and ensure swift recovery. Embrace the future of risk management with parametric insurance and fortify your company's resilience.

Determining the most appropriate form of parametric insurance can be difficult. Speak to one of our experienced insurance experts to discuss the complex exercise of getting the right cover.

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