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The Lion Partnership helps Australian and New Zealand organisations judge their insurance needs more accurately.

Meet the Team

The Lion Partnership is a privately owned consultancy group. We offer truly independent advice for navigating the sometimes costly and complex task of reviewing your organisation’s insurance strategies.

Our core principles

Working Together
As your independent partner, we take a collaborative approach to working with you to understand the fine detail of your needs.
Commitment to Excellence
Everything we do is aligned to helping our clients achieve their business goals – with care, professionalism and proper attention.
Information is key
Effective insurance solutions can be difficult to implement. We source all the information you’ll need to make well-informed decisions with confidence.
Open and transparent
We bring clarity, transparency and accountability to all aspects of our engagements – and we welcome your queries at every step.
Company Profile
The Lion Partnership is a privately owned, specialist consultancy. We offer independent, unbiased advice on insurance and risk management.
Established in Melbourne in 2009, our unique service and success in assisting some of Australia’s largest and most well-known organisations has helped us grow, leading to our expansion into New Zealand in January 2010.

Our close working partnerships with other expert advisors throughout Australasia mean we can offer further specialist support and advice to our clients.

Our ability to foster strong working relationships with leading insurance brokers and providers is something we work hard to maintain – and after 10 plus years, it’s testament to our open and transparent approach that they are as strong as ever.

Ultimately, our job is to help our clients secure the best deal in the market for them – no matter their size, profession or industry. With our intimate knowledge of the local insurance market, years of experience and industry relationships, we’re well equipped to help any organisation ready to optimise their insurance strategies.
“For us, being independent is key. We do not act as a broker and we do not sell insurance. We are a specialist consultancy offering impartial, objective and unbiased advice.”
“We consider this independence as one of the most important and beneficial features of our service proposition, as it adds to our ability to act in the best interests of our clients at all times.”

Meet the Team

The success of any advisory rests with the people who provide the services. Our team is committed to providing thoughtful, attentive service to deliver the best possible outcomes.
Peter Sellwood
Chief Executive Officer
Peter manages The Lion Partnership’s Australasian insurance and risk management consulting services. He has more than 35 years corporate risk management experience with one of the world’s largest global insurance brokers.
Josh Tobin
General Manager
An experienced insurance professional with more than 19 years in the industry, Josh has held several roles covering a wide spectrum of specialities including claims management, insurance broking and risk management consultancy roles.
Anna Charlton
Managing Partner
Anna manages the New Zealand business. With 14 years of experience, Anna has an extensive corporate and financial services background with specialist expertise in risk and insurance management for large, publicly listed companies.


Read what our clients say about their experience with The Lion Partnership.
"TLP's tender process was extremely successful. We managed to achieve material cost savings as well as an insurance programme that better reflected our risk profile. This provided a new level of confidence in our broker's services at Management and Board level, which was appreciated.

We were particularly impressed with how smoothly the process was managed with TLP doing the heavy lifting. They were professional throughout, the reporting was thorough and their understanding of the insurance broker market is excellent."
Lindis Jones
Z Energy
Masterton Homes approached The Lion Partnership to facilitate a tender process for the provision of risk management and insurance broking services. By implementing our unique Statement of Capability tender process we were able to help them secure notable financial savings and, more importantly, a superior insurance program supported by improved broker performance.

Following on from our engagement The Lion Partnership received feedback outlining how impressed the client was with our level of expertise and the outcome of our consultation.

David Masterton, CEO of Masterton Homes said of his experience, “The Lion Partnership offered exceptional service in facilitating the improvement to our insurance premiums and contract conditions. I found the Lion Partnership team to be very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of insurance.”

Before our engagement Masterton Homes weren’t aware that a consultant such as The Lion Partnership existed, but they realised significant coverage and cost benefits and came out of the experience excited by what we were able to achieve.
David Masterton
“Initially we engaged TLP to undertake policy wording reviews, and then appointed them to manage a broker review on our
behalf. The TLP process allowed for an objective appraisal of the broker proposals, a clearer understanding of the value of our business, and a fresh approach to our insurance program, ultimately resulting in many value added benefits.

Feedback was consistently given, with timely response to inquiries. The review provided for an objective assessment, and the timetable was adhered to.

RMS is new to the process of conducting a broker review. We were made to feel comfortable about the process with assurance of a good outcome. We were not disappointed!."

Jonathan Hale
Risk Management Services
“It had been some years since Spark did a full review of not only its insurance broker but captive manager and policies. We wanted to ensure we were working with the best and that our policies were best in class and fit for purpose given the transformation of our business over time towards more digital services.

(TLP offered us an) independent review conducted by specialists in the insurance field which is a very unique industry. (Their) independence and the fact we got a full summarised report, score cards and that TLP took care of the work (was a great benefit). It was also great having TLP participate in the presentations to facilitate them but also ask questions".

Chante Mueller
Head of Investor Relations & Assistant Treasurer
Spark NZ
“The Lion Partnership (TLP) bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the negotiating table. We had a difficult negotiation with our lead broker as they went back on their word, and TLP held them to account.

I found the process simple and straight forward to follow. TLP have a methodology that works, and delivered a very good outcome for the organisation.

In my view, you have nothing to lose. TLP bring their skills to the table (and) provide a solution for the organization with minimal assistance from myself. (We were) very satisfied with TLP. They are prompt, accurate, and deliver on time."

David Wilson
"The Lion Partnership (LP) has developed a good process to achieve the goals set down. Relationships with all brokers were good, and the business-like approach of LP ensured a solid evaluation and outcome. Even though we ended up remaining with the incumbent broker, we (and they) gained a lot of knowledge.

LP's process is sound and gives a good basis for evaluation of the responding brokers. It is a systematic exercise which LP have developed over time and allows good comparison of the responders. It was good to see the varying approaches from the different brokers, and some were clearly ahead of others.

We were very pleased about the level of premium savings achieved through the process."

Martin Pyke
Company Secretary
Stevenson Group

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