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Masterton Homes approached The Lion Partnership to facilitate a tender process for the provision of risk management and insurance broking services. By implementing our unique Statement of Capability tender process we were able to help them secure notable financial savings and, more importantly, a superior insurance program supported by improved broker performance.

Following on from our engagement The Lion Partnership received feedback outlining how impressed the client was with our level of expertise and the outcome of our consultation.

David Masterton, CEO of Masterton Homes said of his experience, “The Lion Partnership offered exceptional service in facilitating the improvement to our insurance premiums and contract conditions. I found the Lion Partnership team to be very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of insurance.”

Before our engagement Masterton Homes weren’t aware that a consultant such as The Lion Partnership existed, but they realised significant coverage and cost benefits and came out of the experience excited by what we were able to achieve.
The Lion Partnership (LP) has developed a good process to achieve the goals set down. Relationships with all brokers were good, and the business-like approach of LP ensured a solid evaluation and outcome. Even though we ended up remaining with the incumbent broker, we (and they) gained a lot of knowledge.

We achieved monetary savings as well as improvements in scope of cover. The process is sound and gives a good basis for evaluation of the responding brokers. It is a systematic exercise which LP have developed over time and allows good comparison of the responders.
The Lion Partnership worked with Tyrepower Ltd to review their corporate insurance policies and those of their members and manage a tender process involving several brokers. One of the main objectives of the tender process was to ensure their members had access to the best possible terms and conditions available from the market place.

David Wilson, Tyrepower’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “The Lion Partnership brought a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the negotiating table. I found the process simple and straightforward to follow. The Lion Partnership has a methodology that works and delivered a very good outcome for the organization. ”

As a result of our engagement with Tyrepower they were able to endorse a broker that provided their members with access to insurance products that were vastly improved and available at more competitive rates.
The Lion Partnership was engaged by Mission Australia as part of a broader corporate governance exercise to evaluate their overall insurance arrangements, including broker relationship.

During the course of the appointment, Mission Australia also required assistance in relation to a large claim that was the subject of contention.

Carole Dunphy, procurement manager for Mission Australia, said of her experience with us: “The expert industry knowledge of TLP was the most advantageous during writing the tender, negotiations and evaluation the tender responses. The reports were very well structured and I felt very informed and supported throughout the process. By engaging with TLP it kept the process honest and transparent and ensured we were receiving the most suitable cover at the right price. We were extremely pleased with The Lion Partnership; they met and exceeded our expectations."

Not only did we exceed the client’s expectations in terms of the results we were able to deliver, we were also able to help them reach a fair and equitable settlement on the large claim.
While not dissatisfied with their incumbent insurance broker and risk carriers / insurers, Dahlsens felt it would be a good corporate governance exercise to engage an independent expert to review the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their existing insurance program. What they also got out of our engagement was a greater understanding of the client broker relationship.

Mark Griffin, Chief Financial Officer, Dahlsens Building Centres said, “The professional and thorough service provided by the Lion Partnership has meant that not only were Dahlsens insurance premiums reduced significantly, but more importantly the cover and the broker relationship were enhanced. It is good business sense for companies to review their insurances every few years, and I would recommend The Lion Partnership to provide independent advice for this.”

Relationships are key in a business such as this, particularly when maintaining independence and we are delighted that Dahlsens relationship with The Lion Partnership is now stronger than ever.
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