While many companies share comparable exposures or risk profiles given the similarities in their activities, each company is different and therefore requires a more defined or tailored program that is ‘fit for purpose’.

All too often companies purchase insurance products that do not recognise their specific risks. Therefore the product may not actually achieve the desired result in transferring their risks. This eventually leads to wasted capital and, of even greater concern, an ineffective insurance program that leaves the organisation widely exposed.

Our technical review and gap analysis studies will test the effectiveness of your current insurance program by examining, in detail, the actual levels of coverage purchased against your organisation’s specific risks.

Any restrictive conditions or warranties that exist which, if not addressed could result in insurers repudiating a claim, are either removed in their entirety or re-drafted. This provides piece of mind that the program does what it’s supposed to do – cover your financial loss in the event of a claim.

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