The Lion Partnership (TLP) is not an Australian financial services licensee under the Corporations Act 2001. TLP is an associated Company of Armstrong Strategic Management and Marketing Pty Ltd which was established in 1978, as a global leader in strategic risk management, assurance and marketing.

Our Services
The Lion Partnership only provides FACTUAL advice. We are not an Insurance agent or broker and we do not deal with insurance companies in regard to the sale of insurance products. We assist clients to ensure that their broker is their advocate and all Financial Product Advice as defined by the Corporation Act will be provided to you by your preferred broker.

We act for you and only for you
TLP only acts on our Clients’ behalf and never acts on behalf of any Insurers or Brokers as their agent. TLP has NO relationship with any insurers or brokers and works exclusively for our Clients. TLP has no Broker, Agency or Market Placement Agreements with any Insurers or Wholesale Brokers and receives no forms of commission or other remuneration from any insurers.

Independent Impartial and Unbiased Advice
Always independent, impartial and unbiased.

Our basis of remuneration
TLP is remunerated exclusively by its Clients and contracts with its Clients that it accepts no fees or commissions from any insurers or brokers. Our remuneration can be based on a share of actual savings achieved, an agreed fee for service or a combination of share of savings and an agreed fee. Our clients choose what best suits their needs.

Conflicts of Interest
TLP has no relationships with any insurers or brokers which can create a conflict of interest in the provision of our services to Clients.

Making a complaint
If you have any concern regarding any of The Lion Partnership services please contact TLP Administration Manager on + 61 3 9863 8583.