An Information Technology Company saves $384,000 on annual insurance premiums, with significant program enhancements.

Background: Publicly listed Global Information Technology Company.

Needs: Required a review of global liability and information technology professional liability insurance coverage. There was significant gaps and inadequate levels in coverage, also overlapping coverages incurring unnecessary costs. They wanted to save money on an annual premium spend $800,000.

Solutions: New broker with expertise in industry was appointed and significant coverage improvements were made. Their insurable program well managed and cost effective

Savings: $384,000 - 48% savings on insurance premiums.

Senior personnel from The Lion Partnership were engaged to complete a corporate governance review for an IT Company with revenues of $800 million. The key stakeholders of the company not only wanted to reduce costs but focus on a sound corporate governance review of their insurance program.

The Lion Partnership is a specialist Global Insurance and Risk Advisory group, providing businesses with an independent, impartial, and objective review and analysis of their insurance and risk management programs. The Lion Partnership is not a broker, does not sell insurance, and does not compete with your current broker. There is no requirement to change your existing broker. In fact, 70% of the time the existing broker does not change and 90% of the time the existing insurers do not change. 

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