An International Human Resource Company saves $310,000 on annual insurance premiums, improves coverages and uncovers excessive, undisclosed commission payments.

Background: International Workforce Management Services Company.

Needs: Required a review of personal accident, professional and general liability insurance coverage. There was concern for broker advocacy and gaps in coverages. Needed to reduce costs from $1 million.

Solutions:The preferred broker is now the company´s advocate resulting in significant coverage improvements and substantial cost reduction. Their insurable risks were identified and are now better managed.

Savings: 30% savings on insurance premiums of approximately $1 million.

Senior partners of The Lion Partnership recently completed a comprehensive audit and insurance / risk management review for an International Workforce Management Services Provider. A successful company with revenues in excess $ 250 million, was unaware that their broker was also the agent of the Insurers of several of their policies.

The Lion Partnership is a specialist Global Insurance and Risk Advisory group, provided businesses with an independent, impartial, and objective review and analysis of their insurance and risk management programs, substantially improving coverages and reducing costs. A major advantage for the Company was that their preferred broker is now their advocate for claims management and not the agent of any insurers to their program.

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