A Food Processing Company saves $106,950 in annual insurance costs.

Background: Food Processing Company, Missouri USA.

Needs: Required a review of property, casualty and workers compensation insurance. Significant gaps in coverages, annual premium spend $549,000.

Solutions:The incumbent broker was retained and improved coverages, closed all gaps in coverage, eliminated duplications and reduced premium spend.

Savings: $106,000 - 19.5% annual savings.

The Lion Partnership was engaged to review the property, casualty and workers compensation insurance program of a food processing company with an annual premium spend of $549,000. The Company was happy with their broker and current insurance carriers, however they recently experienced a significant claim requiring the attention of their broker.

The Lion Partnership reviewed the policies and improved coverages, closed the gaps that existed and reduced the premium by 19.5% while retaining the existing broker and carrier.  The Lion Partnership is a specialist Global Insurance and Risk Advisory Group, established to provide businesses with an independent, and objective review and analysis of their insurance and risk management programs.

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