The Lion Partnership’s origins date back to 1980, when the Insurance Exchange of Australia Group Pty Ltd (IEA), was formed to provide assurance and risk management services to global clients. 

The Lion Partnership was built on the principles of trust, professionalism and integrity; developing a niche service that strives to bring a new ethical standard to the insurance industry.

Originally established in Australia late 2009, The Lion Partnership first expanded its operations into Midwestern United States in early 2010 before commencing operations in New Zealand later that same year, partnering with local representatives that are able service the needs of clients throughout New Zealand, as well as Kansas and the surrounding regions.

During this time, The Lion Partnership and its affiliated partners have worked alongside a multitude of organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors both locally and globally; ranging from small and medium sized enterprises through to large global conglomerates and government institutions. 

With more than 120 years of collective experience shared between them, The Lion Partnership’s partners have the experience, in-depth knowledge and skill set necessary to provide organisations with cutting-edge and trustworthy services that support future growth and prosperity.