The Lion Partnership is a specialist advisory group focusing on global insurance, cost and risk management. 

Recognising that the process of designing, purchasing and implementing appropriate insurance and risk management protocols can be a difficult, timely and more often than not a costly exercise, our goal is to provide clients with the support, knowledge and expertise necessary to not only eliminate such issues but deliver an insurance and risk management program that is best in class.

We do this by working in partnership with our clients to conduct a detailed and objective review of their insurance (risk transfer) and risk management programs delivered via a number of specialty solutions that collectively produce a holistic assessment of their existing practices. 

We do not act as a broker and we do not sell insurance. We are a specialist consultancy offering impartial, independent and unbiased advice.

Our team has over 120 years of collective experience and we work exclusively with your organisation to optimise coverages, improve broker and insurer performance and reduce costs.

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